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Project Bedrijffie

Nearly half of all entrepreneurs in the Netherlands stop their business activity in the first five years of their operation (Source: StartBedrijf). The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) wants to improve this figure, and stimulate the Dutch entrepreneurnial culture.

Bedrijffie is a project, currently being developed for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the project is to explore the use of Serious Gaming, as a method to educate starting entrepreneurs to better run their business.

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Education for Entrepreneurs

Research has shown that young entrepreneurs experience the most difficulties with administration, taxes and accounting. Bedrijffie aims to deliver these topics in a fun and engaging way. This has the potential to accelerate the learning process, while improving information retention.

Besides tax rules and regulations, the game will teach more generic soft skills, which are more difficult to teach through reading. The user is able to quickly learn about a topic he or she might find interesting, while skipping others.

The project is currently under development, with a first polished and playable proof of concept planned for release in late December 2017. Using an Adroid phone? Help our testing and development by downloading the app from Google Play, we would love to hear your feedback.