Our serious slogan


Nearly half of all entrepreneurs in the Netherlands stop their business activity in the first five years of their operation (Source: StartBedrijf). The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) wants to improve this figure, and stimulate the Dutch entrepreneurnial culture.

Bedrijffie is a project, currently being developed for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the project is to explore the use of Serious Gaming, as a method to educate starting entrepreneurs to better run their business.


Dutch public transit visualization

  • Google Maps
  • Vue.js
  • WebSockets
  • C++ server


Symbolic math solving app

  • For Android with Java
  • Custom equation editor
  • 100k+ downloads

Hue Limited Edition

App for controlling Philips Hue lights

  • For Android with Java
  • 50k+ downloads

3D Image Visualiser

Web app for plotting image colors as a graph

  • JavaScript and HTML5
  • #1 on HN


Web clone of Minecraft

  • JavaScript and WebGL
  • Node.JS server


Shoot bubbles, connect three or more to let them pop. Try and clear the board.

  • Java for android
  • Mobile game

BkBeats 2016

Website for music festival

  • jQuery + Bootstrap
  • Responsive website with interactive artists roster and floor plan


Fill the screen with a single continuous path

  • Java for android
  • Mobile game

Redesign Cool Energy

Serious Game which combines several online resources, for students age 8-12 to learn about different sources of energy in an interactive and fun way. In use at Science Centre Delft


Prototype designed to test the idea of on demand grid stabilisation.

  • Android with Java
  • Node.js (express.js)
  • mongoDB


Responsive data visualisation web application

  • Angular2
  • Node.js
  • Cassandra DB